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Diagnostic imaging provides non-invasive methods of evaluating marine mammals for evidence of disease. 

The biggest challenge is often selecting the most appropriate modality for the clinical question/problem at hand.

ABOUT MARINE MAMMAL RADIOLOGY.COM was originally launched in 2008 and was redesigned in 2012. The goals of the site are simple:

  • to provide information on the use of diagnostic imaging modalities in marine mammals (pinnipeds, cetaceans and sea otters)
  • to provide species-specific anatomical references as data becomes available 
  • to provide case examples of cases where diagnostic imaging was used in marine mammal species

The website is free and no financial support has been received to develop the site. Data have been provided due to the efforts of multiple groups, and these efforts are acknowledged through the site.

If you are a facility with interesting cases that would compliment the site, please feel free to get in touch!

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